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CyberSKool 2019

Finally, at long last, an update!

Since the 2018 edition, all of the CyberSKool founder’s lives have turned incredibly busy. However, we always have CyberSKool in the back of our minds and every moment of free time that we have is spent on the 2019 edition.

So as you’ve probably noticed, we made a number of updates. We put the pictures online from our 2018 edition, we have a date for the 2019 edition at the same great location and we have opened our ticket sales.

Like every year, we try and come up with a theme for CyberSKool to tie the different activities together. This year is no different! We are having a lot of fun coming up with great activities to match the theme. Stay tuned for more on this later.

As you can see we have been busy, but our trusted badge maker Jean-Georges has also been busy and has a nice surprise up his sleeve for this year.