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Thank you!

CyberSKool would like to thank everyone, our sponsors, our volunteers and our attendees for participating in our 2019 edition. We have put the 2019 pictures online. Go and check them out!

What is CyberSKool?

CyberSKool vzw organises a conference where we teach kids (between the ages of 7 and 15) IT security awareness, hacking (out of the box thinking and problem solving) by doing STEAM activities and IT skills such as coding, hardware hacking, encryption, general IT Security Awareness, etc. We make sure that kids have fun while they learn these skills. We give these exercises in Dutch, French and English

Why CyberSKool?

Kids these days face a lot of challenges, they need to learn a lot of skills in the modern world, from IT to technological, science and much more. Most of these skills are not really taught by the traditional schooling system. We think we can help with this shortcoming, so we started CyberSKool!

When is CyberSKool 2020?

Unfortunately CyberSKool 2020 will not be able to happen due to the impact of COVID-19. We will be back next year!

Who is CyberSKool?

CyberSKool is first and foremost the many volunteers that come and help us each event. Without them an event like this would not be possible.

CyberSKool came out of the Hak4Kidz Europe initiative where both Koen and Stephanie have been the organisers since the start.

CyberSKool vzw is a non-profit organisation. Currently our organisation is made up by Koen, Larry and Stephanie. We are all active in IT Security and we also part of the BruCON organising committee.

Call for Volunteers

Each year CyberSKool is possible because we receive help from a lot of great people. The biggest challenge with growing each year is finding enough volunteers to help us out.

Please let us know if you want to help out or if you know people that want to help out!