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CyberSKool: it was a blast!

The youngsters of today, are the future of tomorrow. The youth is our future!

October 1st marks the first day the Cyber Security Awareness Month this means this is the best day to organise CyberSKool! With 65 children ranging from 7 to 15 year old, we can say the future was at our event. Everybody present got the opportunity to learn more about the wonders of physics, space, technology and engineering. By providing hands-on activities related of electronics, soldering, physics, how locks work, how to control robots and how to stay safe online we were able to introduce the hacker mindset. A problem always has more than one solution, even if it is designed to only have one. Look for instance at how a lock functions, by design only one key can open it, but when you look at is as a puzzle, you can see multiple solutions.

We really want to thank everyone who helped out today. Especially our volunteers and our sponsors for making this event happen. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Some great things happened today, we had a rocket that flew over 30 meters, only powered by jumping on a bottle! Some kids made a robotic arm to retrieve their crypto ring from over 2m!

With mBots, kids were teaching others on how to get the dogs to bark.