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What is CyberSKool?

CyberSKool organises a conference where we teach kids IT security awareness, hacking (out of the box thinking and problem solving) by doing STEM activities and IT skills such as coding, hardware hacking, encryption, etc.

Kids these days face a lot of challenges and they need to learn a lot of skills in the modern world, from IT to technological, science and much more. Unfortunately most of these skills are not really taught by the traditional schooling system, so Koen Burms and Stephanie Vanroelen started CyberSKool to fill this gap.

Our 2019 goal is to educate and entertain 100 kids (girls and boys) from 7 to 15 years old.

When you support us, you help make a difference in the education of the kids and help build the future of engineers, IT’ers all with a secure mindset. In a few years, these might be your employees!

When is CyberSKool?

CyberSKool 2018 will take place on Sunday October 6th at the “Oude Vismijn” in Ghent, Belgium. This is the Sunday before BruCON and just in time to kick off Cyber Security Awareness month.

How can you sponsor CyberSKool?

If you are interested in becoming a CyberSKool sponsor and making our future generation cyber ready, you can contact us via

All our sponsors get the same base package as you can see below, but if you are interested in sponsoring something specific, certainly let us know.

Since every company is different, we don’t want to put a fixed price on the sponsorship, in the past we have received sponsoring ranging between 500 and 5000 EUR, so it is up to you what is possible for you.

Standard for any sponsor

When sponsoring CyberSKool, your logo will:

  • Be mentioned in all official communications,
  • Be shown on the CyberSKool website
  • Be printed in our flyer that will be handed out to every participant.
  • Be featured on all T-Shirts given out to all kids and volunteers.
  • You can come and place your banner at our event.
  • Reach about a 100 kids, 200 parents, 50 volunteers. The parents and volunteers are mostly active in the IT security sector.

Contact Us

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