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What does a day at CyberSKool look like? 

October 6th, 2019:

10:00 – Open doors
10:30 – Opening speech
11:00 – CyberBullying talk for parents FR
11:00 – Cyber Security Awareness for Kids FR
12:30 – start lunch
13:30 – end lunch
14:00 – CyberBullying talk for parents EN
14:00 – Cyber Security Awareness for Kids NL
14: 30 – Cyber Security Awareness for Kids EN
15:30 – Closing Ceremony

The day starts at 10u. Parents and children will register before continuing on. During registration the kids will receive their T-shirts and the parents will get a schedule. Afterwards we can start exploring.

Your kids do NOT need to have any prior knowledge and can just come and discover the world of science, technology, engineering, math and IT and IT Security. 

We have several activity stations where the kids learn by doing an activity and we have a couple of workshops. Once again we have tried to tie together the different stations f.e. a storyline. The kids can try the activity stations in the order they appear in the story or they can switch it up and do as they please.

All activities fall in the following categories: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, IT, or Cyber Security.

This year we are happy to say that we were able to incorporate a number of Cyber Security exercises.

All activities will be held in Dutch, French and English.

If you can please bring a laptop with Kali on it, this can be either running native, live boot, or virtually through VMware or VirtualBox.

The venue location: Oude Vismijn (Sint-Veerleplein 5, 9000 Gent BELGIUM)



There is no parking at the venue, but the closest parking is parking P8 Ramen.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][gem_fullwidth background_position_vertical=”center” color=”#f3ed1f” background_color=”#3853a4″ padding_top=”5%” padding_bottom=”5%”][vc_column_text]

 A Few Example Activities

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This activity station teaches kids about electricity and how circuits work.
They learn about capacitors and resistors.

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A workshop to teach the kids about how to encrypt and decrypt messages. Techniques such as Caesar’s cypher will be explained.

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Security Awareness

During this activity the kids get to learn about safe use of the internet and how to deal with certain situations. We are also arranging a session for parents.

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Hardware destruction

During this activity the kids get to enjoy demolishing old electronics. After their demolition rampage they get to identify certain hardware elements. If they’re up to it they can even become inventors and build something new.

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During this activity the kids get to learn how a lock works. We try and teach them a problem-solving approach by trial and error exercises. A lock is just a big puzzle waiting to be solved.

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